I long to see the world as I once did. I long to feel the world as I once did.

In A Preservation of Character I use the act of removal to incite vulnerability. In the search for a memory of identity, I shed a cold exterior and ground myself with what remains. I remove my clothing, a physical layer of protection. I remove the hair from my head, a totem of gender. I attempt to let go of protective behavior, expression, and thought. What I feel shields me from danger in the outside world has become a part of who I present myself as. Here I am neighbored only by textures, shapes, and light, leaving me to observe and interact with myself. In these moments I recognize that which I’ve internalized, and consider unguarded experience. Who am I without these defenses? I look at the changes in my character and remember this vulnerability as something that once came easily. This is an exercise in honesty, and a longing for innocence. These are intimate moments of self reflection, and are presented to the viewer out of a longing to share unguarded experience.

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